My Job Chart Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should use My Job Chart?
A: My Job Chart is perfect for any family with kids that need more understand on what it means to be helpful around the house. Ideally, it’s designed for kids 5-15, however we know of many younger and older benefitting from the app.

Q: Does it cost anything to use?
A: No, My Job Chart is completely free to download and use.

Q: Where does the money earned come from?
A: Each child using the My Job Chart system is completing tasks around the home in order to earn an allowance. The allowance comes from the parent or grandparent and NOT My Job Chart. Once the child has earned an allowance, it’s time to use the unique features of My Job Chart to decide how much to save, share and spend.

Q: Why should I open a bank account for my child?
A: Saving your own bank account is a huge step in growing up or being independent. All children love watching a bank account grow larger over time, so why not start one early in their life to help them understand the routine of saving. You can open account for free on My Job Chart or you can do so at your local bank. In either case, it will be a huge benefit to them.

Q: Can I make purchases through My Job Chart?
A: Yes. For now, you can make purchases through our partnership with Amazon. In the next few months, we will be launching our own retail store where kids can use the money they have designated to spend. Still, purchases will need to be made with approval of an adult.

Q: How do I create a new family member?
A: Click on the “Add Family” button and then select what type of family member you are adding: Child, Parent or Grandparent/Mentor.

Then type in the name and password you desire (passwords can be as little as four characters. For small children you might even want to start with their name or something simple).

To add a picture, simply click on the “add photo” icon and then search your computer for the picture you would like displayed. Click on the “Save Changes" button and that’s it.

If you would like to edit (change name, password, picture) any of the members of the family simply click on their picture on the left side of the screen and make any changes. When finished, click on "Save Changes".

To delete a family member, simply click on the red "delete member" button.

Q: How can I edit my account settings?
A: Just click on the picture of the family member that you would like to edit and then click on the “edit account” button at the top of the page.

For parents you can edit things like Name, Passwords, Email address, or notification preferences. You can also update a mobile number for SMS delivery.

For Children you can edit: name, password and picture.

Q: How can I change my time zone?
A: Click on the “Edit Account” button and you can change the time zone that the bottom of the page. When finished click on “save changes”.

Q: How can I close my account?
A: Click on the primary members picture and then click on “Edit Account”, then click on the red “Close Account” button.

Q: Does My Job Chart have a blog?
A: Yes, our Parenting Tips blog is packed full of useful articles to help you be a better parent. It is located in the upper right of our home page. Check it out!

Q: Where do I find out how many points my children currently have?
A: Select the child that you want to check points totals. Their information will come up and then you can click on “current points” to get a summary of what points they have. You can also adjust their points by clicking on the “Edit Points” button. Maybe they did great on a test or did an extra good job on one of their chores and you want to give them a bonus. This is the place to do that!

Q: Where do I find the history of points used by my child?
A: Select the child that you want to check points history on. Their information will come up and then you can click on “History of Points Used” to get a summary of what they have done with their points over time.

This is a great way to see how your child understands money. If they are blowing all of their points on spending… maybe it’s time to have a conversation about saving or sharing?

Q: Can I login as my child without logging out of my parent account?
A: Yes, just click on the child that you want to login as first. Then click on the “Login As” button. This will log you in as that child and you can see exactly what that child is going to see on their job chart and also on the Save, Share, Spend area.

Q: How can my child support a charity that isn’t already listed?
A: Once you have logged on, go to the “Save, Share, Spend” tab and locate the “add charity” button. On the pop-up page, hit the “custom” tab and add the information about the charity, including a website if you have one. You can add an ICON to your charity list so it will be easier to find.